Recent Cases



Fraud by one partner

Fraud by one partner in purchase and running of 2 major Malls in the amount of $15,000,000. The Claim has been initiated and a Mareva Injunction is now scheduled for beginning of January, 2008. The Defendant is trying to settle the case at this juncture


Personal Injury

Slip & Fall.

Serious injuries incurred by client at an Extreme Fitness centre while under the supervision of a personal trainer. My client fell while on a bosu ball and breaks her hip. She has not return to work since accident and has calculated loss of income of more than $650,000.


Fraud by owner

Fraud by previous owner

Fraud by previous owner of property against purchaser who passed away. The Purchaser gave the Vendor cash and the Vendor now claims Purchaser purchased property in trust for Vendor and the cash was actually his money. Amount involved $1.4 million;



Banquet Hall contract

Purchaser/leasor of Banquet Hall signed contract to lease new premises with option to purchase 50% of same in future at set price. Vendor now realizing he cannot profit at agreed upon price refuses to close transaction. Purchaser is suing for specific Performance and/or damages;


Diabetic pills

Diabetic pills/insulin

Client ingests what he thought were diabetic pills/insulin but it turns out the pills were wrongfully filed by the pharmacist and they turned out to be high blood pressure pills. Client ingests pills for 30 plus days and goes into emergency when he blanks out.


loss of income

breach of contract

Contractor undertakes a Mr. Lube Centre and is paid but 50% of contract price when 95% of construction completed. Legal proceedings were initiated to include damages for breach of contract and loss of income, profits, investment opportunity etc of several million dollars.

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