Legal Fees

  1. Fees can be calculated in a number of ways, including per hour fee, fixed fee, contingency fee, agreed upon fee or a combination of these factors.
  2. I normally charge $400 per hour and I do try and be as accurate as I can with my billings. It may sound like a lot of money and if you think so you are right. But the fee is based on experience and the going rates being charged by other competent counsel.
  3. A Retainer agreement is normally entered into on the initial meeting or on the second interview;
  4. An agreement can be adjusted to reflect the seriousness of the Claim/Charge, the likely outcome, number of necessary court appearances, time needed to deal with this matter, scope of work, and importance to client;
  5. Fixed fees are mostly given when undertaking a conveyance of property (Registering title in the name of new owners), private Ontario incorporations, wills, single consultation, drafting Powers of Attorney's, uncontested divorce, guilty pleas;
  6. Contingency Fees are usually negotiated in personal injury matters such as motor vehicle accidents and slip & fall accidents and professional liability cases;
  7. Fees are at all times subject to HST which now lies at 13% and any out of pocket expenses such as court costs, agency fees, process servers fees, photocopies, faxes, long distance charges, a one time professional liability fee of $65, binding, if needed, registration fees for land transfers, incorporations, licensing, forensic reports, legal medical reports, etc.
  8. There are times when I undertake cases on a pro bono basis because the specific incident involves a broad social issue which I think should be delieniated by the courts.
  9. Fees are payable as per bills for professional services rendered immediately on receipt. Bills are forwarded on a monthly basis for on going matters and less frequently with matters being dealt with on a less then urgent basis;
  10. A retainer payment is expected once a retainer agreement has been entered into unless the case is based on a contiguency fees agreement. Such agreements are only billed to request payment of disbursement expenses.


1. Uncontested Divorce $1,250.00
2. Criminal Court First Appearance $1,000.00
3. Incorporation $1,250.00